Risk Management


We are financial advisors, specialized in tailored risk management solutions

At InHedge, we work with our clients in three key areas: Hedging Strategies, B2B International Transfers and Investment Solutions. 


We help companies become more efficient in their operations, from a risk mitigation perspective. By working hand in hand with each of our clients, we get to fully understand their areas of exposure, allowing us to deliver a personalized solution every time.  

Even though our focus lies primarily on advisory and consulting, we’ve formed relationships with world-renowned financial institutions in each area, so we can offer our clients access to execution services as well.  


From large corporations to small and medium businesses, we are able to support a wide range of clients around the world. Contact us for a free consult on either of our business activities and see how we can help your company meet its risk management goals. 



Nowadays, companies face uncertainty on a daily basis, from volatile financial markets, to an ever-changing economic and political landscape around the world. 


These factors can truly have a negative impact on the company’s financial stability and be detrimental to their growth and long-term objectives, if they are not properly addressed. 


This is why adopting a hedging strategy has become an essential practice across different industries, that are regularly exposed to adverse price movements in a wide range of underlyings. 


Our focus is to guide our clients through the different stages of the risk management process, providing tailored solutions that contribute to their commercial and financial objectives. 

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B2B International transfers - InHedge

Due to globalization, millions of companies transfer money all around the world for numerous reasons, from paying foreign manufacturers and offshore employees, to funding large international projects overseas. 


Although the volume of these transfers has been increasing exponentially over the last few years, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to efficiency and costs.  


Every time a business interacts with a foreign currency, there’s money left on the table, due to high exchange rates and transaction fees. These costs are usually overlooked and could accumulate to significant amounts over time. 


At InHedge, our focus is to get this money back to our clients, providing an efficient and transparent service, so they can optimize their cross-border transactions. 



At InHedge, we believe in the value of a customized solution for every client, which is why our focus with this service is to offer an investment vehicle tailored to each company’s risk profile and objectives. 


By working with structured notes, we can generate all types of investment ideas for our clients, from low-risk, capital guaranteed solutions, to high risk/high reward leveraged notes for more adventurous investors. 


Working hand in hand with our clients, we prioritize transparency in each of the solutions we offer, disclosing all the factors involved in each investment. 


From large hedge funds to small and medium sized family offices, we are able to help a wide range of clients reach their investment goals. 

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